Top Universities in the World

Stanford University

Sophisticated Systems and Studies in Stanford University Looking for the right place where you can not only learn but also discover and make innovations as well as discourse and express yourself? Stanford University is the one. Stanford was opened in 1891 and is located in Stanford, California. This university has 2,219 faculties that have more than […]

Harvard University

Unusual yet Helpful Projects Ran by Harvard University Compared to the other universities in United States of America, Harvard University is the oldest one. John Harvard was a young minister came from Charleston when he became first benefactor of this college. This university was established somewhere in 1636. And in 1638, John Harvard left his […]

California Institute of Technology

Captivating Research and Education Programs in California Institute of Technology (Caltech) Throop University was founded in 1891, located in Pasadena, California. Then in 1920 the name of university has changed into California Institute of Technology (Caltech). Caltech today is a house for 961 undergraduate students and 1,277 graduate students. Undergraduate and graduate are not the […]

University of Oxford

 Unbelievable Programs and Life Provided by University of Oxford University of Oxford has thirty eight colleges that are all self-governing and financially independent, yet related to central university when it comes about federal system. Oxford also has permanent halls that are all private, six units in total. Those halls look just like colleges but are […]

University of Cambridge

Captivating Courses and Teaching Methods at University of Cambridge University of Cambridge is well known because of its university buildings and famous colleges that are attractive for many people around the world. Besides, the collections and museums owned by this university also have treasures that can give insight to those who join the scholarly activities […]

Imperial College London

Royal Programs and Life at Imperial College London Imperial College London’s focus is only on engineering, science, business, and medicine. The education system in this university is led by research. This college that is located in South Kensington, London has large amounts of the green space which include the Royal Parks named Kensington Gardens and […]

University of Chicago

Astounding Accessibility and Programs of University of Chicago The idea to build a university that’s committed to provide rigorous academics that are righteous for people from all backgrounds appeared in 1890, 9th of July. First president of University of Chicago, William Harper wanted to build a university that’s extremely solid, a university of modern research that […]

UCL (University College London)

Fantastic Lives in UCL (University College London) Founded on February 11th, 1826 the name of UCL was London University. This university was secular alternative for those who don’t want to study in universities that are strictly religious such as Cambridge and Oxford. In 1836, London University changed its name to University College London. In 1871, […]

National University of Singapore

Incredible Programs Provided by National University of Singapore (NUS) In 1905, National University of Singapore (NUS) was just medical school that’s modest with only twenty three students. The founder of this university was businessmen group with Tan Kim as the leader. The aim of this school was to serve local community needs. Name of this […]

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